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NFL 2010 First Round Playoffs

by Tony Medley

Iíve got a problem with two of this weekendís games because Iím emotionally involved. I like Arizona and the Jets. I called it right on the Jets at the beginning of the year. They have probably the best team in the NFL, but are burdened by a woeful quarterback. The only way for Cincinnati to beat the Jets is to put 8 men in the box, try to stop the running game and let Sanchez beat them. Even then, I donít think the Bengals have the talent to beat the Jets, who also are fortunate to have one of the best coaches in the league, the best defense in the playoffs, and the best running attack in the playoffs.

Dallas should beat Philly, but there are two variables. The first is that McNabb is the best 4th-and-long quarterback Iíve ever seen, especially in game situations. Second is that the Dallas coach, Wade Phillips, the same guy who benched Doug Flutie, who had led Buffalo to the playoffs for another SC quarterback, Rob Johnson. As a result, Buffalo lost the Billsí last playoff game to Tennessee, a game they would have won easily with Flutie at quarterback. Phillips is at it again. After starting tackle Marc Colombo broke his leg on November 15, Romo started getting much better protection from his line. But now Phillips is putting Colombo back in. If Romoís protection breaks down as a result, Philly might have more of a chance, despite itís dismal offensive and defensive lines.

Welkerís absence looms large for New England. They have no running attack and Brady doesnít hold up well to blitzes, if Baltimore is smart enough to blitz him. Without Welker, I donít think that even Brady is enough to carry New England to victory, but it's dangerous to discount Brady. Baltimore has an untested, but talented, young quarterback.

The best game pits the Packers against Arizona. Aaron Rogers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and now heís getting protection, and Green Bay has a great defense. Arizona has a much better running attack this year and last year they almost won the Super Bowl. Kurt Warner has the second best playoff record of any quarterback in history, but heís disaster-prone. This is Rogersí first playoff game. Green Bayís numbers are all better than Arizonaís, but Warner could be the difference, even though Boldin is questionable. But Boldin missed last year's first round playoff game, too. Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the NFL and Warner can find him. Iím going with Arizona (but Iím biased).

This is the best first round I can remember; enjoy!

January 9, 2010