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First third NFL Report 2009

by Tony Medley

When I wrote of my appreciation for the New York Jets earlier in the season, I mentioned that their biggest liability was their rookie quarterback from USC. I knew he was inexperienced. What I didnít realize was how inept he is. He canít read defenses and, to be charitable, his accuracy doesnít make anyone think of Ken Stabler.

A few years back, the New York Giants benched Hall of Famer Kurt Warner in favor of the potential of Eli Manning. Even though Warner is among the top four quarterbacks in the league, behind Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, and on a par with Bret Favre, Eli has developed into an exceptional quarterback, so that decision was probably a good one, given their relative ages.

Sanchez is no Manning. He doesnít have the arm, but more important, he doesnít have the eye or instinct. He isnít even trained in the basics. Watch him run with the ball. He holds it like heís carrying a cat, with one hand. Last week, he did that and had to switch hands, so he held it like he had the cat in the other hand. I learned how to hold a football in junior high school, but I already knew how. How can a guy, a quarterback no less from a  major college (well, I guess USC is considered a major college, even if they don't teach the fundamentals of football), get into the NFL and not know how to hold a football?

Even so, the Jets have a shot at making the playoffs because there has never been a year when there have been more horrible teams in the NFL.

The truly awful:

St. Louis


Tennessee (proving that the talking heads know virtually nothing about their sport because they all thought Tennessee was a playoff-quality team).


Tampa Bay



Kansas City



The just awful:





The overrated:



New York Jets (anybody who canít beat Buffalo shouldnít even be this high)

San Diego (lotsa talent, not much coaching; how stupid can you be to get rid of Drew Brees?)

New York Giants

Lucky to be in such a weak league:


New England


Green Bay


Up and coming:

Miami (Chad Henne, a young qb with talent)

San Francisco


Good enough to earn the playoffs:



New Orleans




 October 18, 2009