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Coaching Stupidity

by Tony Medley

Dallas beat Detroit today because of a coach's stupidity, something that happens more often than not in sport. Detroit was up by 6 with 2:32 to play. Dallas had no more timeouts. Detroit had a 3rd & 8 at midfield.

Instead of a running play and punt, which would have run the clock down to the 2-minute warning, they threw a pass, which fell incomplete and stopped the clock with 2:28 left. Dallas got the ball and drove down the field, scoring the winning touchdown with less than 10 seconds left.

Had Detroit just run the ball on third down and run the clock down,  Dallas would not have been able to drive the field and score to win the game by 1. To run the clock in this situation is just basic common sense. Even so, as I said, ignoring common sense and doing the dumb thing happens all the time in sport. And they pay these guys millions of dollars. Not only that, the coaches eventually get fired, but other owners, who must be just as stupid as the coaches, hire them to coach their teams, even after they have already proven their incompetence and inability to reason.

July 31, 2008