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A True Story That Foretells What Life Will be Like After Four More Years of Democrat Power

by Tony Medley

A friend of mine, let's call  him Carl Jung to protect his privacy, told me this story. He wanted Medicare to deposit its payments to him directly in his bank account so he filled out the required form and sent them the required blank check from the bank account to which he wanted the periodic funds deposited. The heading on the check was as follows (the address has been changed):

Carl Jung, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

1234 Fifth Street

Ponca City, OK

The form was rejected, so he called to inquire what had gone wrong. He was told that both parties must sign the form and only he signed it. He replied that he was the only signer on the account. The lady said that there were two names on the check. He asked what the other name was. She said, "Clinical Psychologist" has to sign.

Carl is a quick study, so he said, "What?"

She replied, "You signed but Clinical Psychologist didn't sign and he has to sign, also. All parties to the checking account have to sign the form."

Carl wanted to say, "Is this a joke?" but he is, after all, a psychologist, and realized there was a big problem here. He patiently explained "clinical psychologist" merely stated what his profession was and that "clinical psychologist" was not a person.

She responded that if that were the case he had to get a signed statement from the manager of his bank that "clinical psychologist" was not a real person and the he was the only signatory on the account. She couldn't take just his word for it.

Carl said, "Are you serious?"

She replied that all parties have to sign and she has no reason to believe that "clinical psychologist" was not a real person and she could not process his application until he had submitted the sworn statement from the bank manager.

So Carl had to call his bank, arrange for a meeting, explain to a bewildered bank manager what needed to be done, get him to write a letter, sign it, and get it notarized, and return the form to Medicare for processing. He said this took more than five hours of his time.

This story is 100% true and epitomizes what is in store if Obama and the Democrats remain in power. They usurp more and more power in the government, hire ignorant people, people who then can't be fired, and those are the people who will be making decisions on major elements of our lives. These are the people who will occupy the death panels created by Obamacare. Don't believe Obama and Reid and Pelosi that the death panels won't exist under Obamacare. They will.

Dick Cheney waited a year longer than normal to get his heart transplant, but democrats are already criticizing, questioning if he got "special treatment," and arguing that he was too old, that someone younger would have been a better investment for the heart. If my Mother had needed a heart transplant at Cheney's age, 71, and been denied by one of Obama's lackeys on the death panels because she was "too old," she would have been denied one third of her life as she lived to over 101. Life is precious, no matter how old one is, and some cold-hearted bureaucrat who thinks that "clinical psychologist" is a person shouldn't be the one to make a life or death decision.

March 31, 2012