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California Propositions February 2008

by Tony Medley

Proposition 91: According to the Voter Information Pamphlet, in 2006 voters passed Proposition 1A, which accomplished what this would do, which is to prohibit politicians from tapping gasoline taxes intended for transportation and using it for non-transportation projects. There are no arguments against it and the people who proposed it are urging a vote against it.

My recommendation: Yes. The way I understand it is that this is more inflexible than what is in Proposition 1A. When it comes to using funds intended for transportation for other purposes, inflexibility is good.

Proposition 92: Increases state spending on education by $300 million annually and decreases and limits student fees and, therefore, the amount received from student fees.

My Recommendation: No. This is just throwing more taxpayer money at a failed educational system. Why shouldnít students pay for their education? The solution to our horrific educational system is vouchers so that the youngsters condemned to LAUSD and other public schools can attend private schools where they will get discipline and a much better education. In an era in which neither the Governor nor the State Legislator seems to have any inclination to reduce state government spending, it's up to the taxpayers to say no and this is the Proposition that requires that "no." The state budget is out of balance. This would just put it more out of balance and the fact that all politicians are for it is a pretty good answer to why the state is in such a dismal financial condition.

Proposition 93: Voters set up term limits in 1990. This is a professional politician-devised way to weaken those term limits. Specifically, while it reduces the total time a legislator may spend in the legislature from 14 to 12 years, it increases the time that legislator may spend in one house up to 12 years, so some of those who have maxed out in one house will be out of a job if it doesnít pass.

My Recommendation: No. The state legislature is a disgrace. The two main proponents are Assembly President Fabian Nunez and Senate President Don Peralta. Why are they for it? They will be out of work if it doesnít pass! If it passes they will be able to stay in their respective houses for much longer than the present law allows. Their support has nothing to do with what is good for the State. Itís entirely selfish. If it doesnít pass, they will have to figure out how to earn an honest living.

Term limits is the only way to get rid of these people who canít even pass a balanced budget. The only thing these people want is to continue in office, which is why they are fighting so hard to get this passed. Itís being dishonestly touted as strengthening term limits. It doesnít, but the problem for the people making those misrepresentations is that if they tell the truth, nobody would be for it. This is the most important proposition on the ballot.

Propositions 93-97: Allows the Indian gambling organizations to double their slot machines in exchange for higher payments to the state.

My Recommendation: Yes. Iíve never understood why only the Indians should be allowed to have slot machines in California. That said, if we allow the Indians to do it, why not get as much money out of them as we can to reduce the burgeoning state deficit? The main opposition to this is the rest of the gambling industry, for obvious selfish reasons.