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California Judges Recommendations 2010

by Tony Medley 

Several people have asked my recommendations on judges. Judges are difficult because there is a conceit in the legal profession that they should be above common knowledge, that what they do shouldnít be issues in elections, which is, obviously, poppycott. As a result, there isnít much you can discover about them in a reasonable period of time, so if much of my opinions that follow appear to be superficial, thatís because they are. That being said, Iíve researched them as well as I could and hereís how I feel: 

Supreme Court: 

  1. Tani G. Canril-Sakauye: Appointed by Schwarzenneger to be Chief Justice. Provides no information. Her decisions have been a mixed bag. A RINO, when the California Supreme Court approved same sex marriage, she performed one. She did vote to uphold Californiaís prohibition against affirmative action and for religious free speech. But from what I can determine she feels that judges are free to make law, or, in other words, the law is what judges say it is. But without being free with information about how she feels about things, itís impossible to make a decision about her. A long interview performed by The California Channel is nothing more than a civics lesson about how courts work, not how she thinks and why, never questioning her on substantial, a complete waste of time. Since she refuses to release any information about how she does feel about things; No.
  2. Ming W. Chin: Appointed by Wilson in 1996. Provides no information. Heís pro-abortion and voted to overturn parental consent. No.
  3. Carlos Moreno: Appointed by Gray Davis in 2001. Provides no information. A devoted radical liberal, his favorite justice is David Souter. No.

Court of Appeal 

  1. Robert M. Mallano: No. Appointed by the discredited Gray Davis, hereís all he has to say about himself: He says he will decide cases fairly and impartially, and faithfully follow the law, and treat everyone in our courts with courtesy and respect. In other words, he doesn't want anyone to know how he really believes. From those who have studied his record he apparently cannot be considered a strict constructionist. No.
  2. Victoria Chaney: Appointed by Schwarzenegger, she has the same pabulum as Mallano about her priorities, obviously written by some consultant. Most judges say the same thing, which indicates that they donít want you to know how they feel. She was a nurse, which is a plus, and wrote a scathing opinion dismissing a class action lawsuit against Dole that she said was a scam. She also worked at Dryden, Harrington, and Schwartz and I used to play on their basketball team in the lawyerís league. One year we won the ďAĒ league (OK so thatís irrelevant; but Iíve now revealed more about me than all these judges put together have revealed about themselves). Yes.
  3. Jeffrey Johnson: Appointed by Schwarzenneger, he has the same pabulum as Mallano and Chaney about his priorities. This statement is such a slap in the face to people who want to know about those who will be making law in our system of justice disqualifies anyone who puts it in their statement of qualifications. No.
  4. Steven Suzukawa. Like all the other judges, thereís not much on this guy to indicate what he believes. Heís been appointed by three Republicans, for what thatís worth, and his parents were interred at Manzanar or a place like it, anyway. Yes.
  5. Laurie D. Zelon. Appointed by Davis. Doesnít reveal much, which is a big disqualifier. No.
  6. Judith Ashman: Appointed to the Court of Appeal by Davis. Doesnít reveal anything, just like all these other judges. Has a reputation as a liberal activist. No.
  7. Walter Croskey: Appointed by Deukmejian: In 2008 he found that parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children. "Parents who fail to [comply with school enrollment laws] may be subject to a criminal complaint against them, found guilty of an infraction, and subject to imposition of fines or an order to complete a parent education and counseling program." The only way parents may now legally home school in CA is if the teaching parent has a valid teaching credential or hires a tutor with a valid teaching credential. Provides no substantive information. No.
  8. Orville Armstrong: Appointed by Wilson. Apparently has a reputation as a strict constructionist. Yes.
  9. Paul Coffee: Appointed by Wilson. Apparently conservative. Yes.
  10. Steven Perren: Appointed by Davis. Apparently liberal. No.
  11. Frank Jackson: Appointed by Schwarzenneger. Gives no information but the standard pabulum, however has a reputation as a constructionist. Yes.
  12. Tricia Bigelow: Appointed by Schwarzenneger. Leans toward being a constructionist. Yes.
  13. Elizabeth Annette Grimes: Appointed by Schwarzenneger. Another constructionist. Yes.