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More Bad NFL Referees

by Tony Medley

I just watched the last play of the Tampa Bay-New Orleans game. With the score 34-28 in New Orleans' favor, Tampa Bay threw a touchdown pass with no time remaining on the clock that was ruled incomplete because the Saints' defensive back had pushed Tampa's receiver out of bounds before the completion, and the referee ruled that the receiver cannot be the first person to touch the ball after he has been out of bounds, so it was an illegal touching.

However, it is clear that the defensive back pushed the intended receiver out of bounds, why is that not pass interference? The rule is clear that a defensive player cannot initiate contact with an intended receiver more than five yards past the line of scrimmage. So if the defensive back pushes intended receiver out of bounds more than five yards past the line of scrimmage, that would be an illegal contact and would be pass interference which would place the ball on the one-yard line and give Tampa Bay one more play. But there was no flag and the game ended in a New Orleans victory.

As bad as no referee calling a penalty, neither of the TV sportscasters brought up the issue.

As I said last week, bring back the replacement refs and hire some commentators who know something about the game and its rules.

Comments welcome.

October 21, 2012