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Seventh Son (1/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 102 minutes.

Not for children.

Jeff Bridges is a best actor Oscar® winner. Julianne Moore is nominated for an Oscar® for best actress in 2014. Tell me how two people who have achieved the pinnacle of the acting profession can sign on for special effects-laden crapola like this. This film consists almost entirely of ridiculous, incomprehensible fights between people who morph into dragons and monsters and all sorts of misshapen creatures. They take bloodcurdling, murderous blows with aplomb but when their role is over they die by mundane things like knife cuts.

Shot in IMAX and 3-D, the 3-D really isn’t very good. The IMAX is wasted because most of the film is dark. There are few of the beautiful vistas at which IMAX excels. Advertised as an “action” film, this is mind-numbingly boring. Julianne Moore should be ashamed of herself for signing on to something like this. She adds absolutely nothing to the film, going through her role as a witch is if she were just watching the clock, anxious to get her scenes over so she could pick up her paycheck. At least Bridges makes his character somewhat unique.

With an estimated budget of $70-100 million, this is estimated to take in $200-300 million. It won’t be through word of mouth, though. My advice is to reap as much as possible out of the opening weekend, before people can spread the word, and get out of town fast.