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Love (5/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 134 minutes.

Not for children.

Just in case you weren’t sure if this was a porn film when you bought your ticket, the opening sequence showing Aomi Muyock stark naked giving a sexual massage to stark naked and excited Karl Gusman for a period of approximately three minutes tells you what’s in store for the next two hours 14 minutes. And that’s graphic sex in all its different styles, including a threesome and attempted sex with a trannie.

Says director Gaspar Noé, “There is no line between art and pornography. You can make art of anything. You can make an experimental movie with that candle or with this tape recorder. You can make a piece of art with a cat drinking milk. You can make a piece of art with people having sex. There is no line. Anything that is shot or reproduced in an unusual way is considered artistic or experimental.”

Maybe so, but if I had to make a judgment about whether this is art or pornography, art wouldn’t have a chance. To set it apart from normal porn, Noé shot it in 3D. In case you’re curious, seeing sex in 3D is no different than seeing it in 2D.

The story is really nothing. Karl is in love with Aomi and they have sex at the drop of a hat, and we see every inch of what they do. Nothing is left to the imagination.

The most explicit “main stream” film I’ve seen up until this was 9 Songs (2005), director Michael Winterbottom's attempt to show graphic sex in a film exhibited in a theater where men didn’t wear raincoats to watch movies. It died a quick death because the whole point of the film was to show graphic sex in a “non porn” film. This one is just more of the same.

When you see the opening sequence, you realize immediately why Gusman was chosen for the role; and it wasn’t for his acting. As to Aomi, she has a beautiful body, but she needs to do some work on her teeth.

If you like films with a story and good writing and acting, this will not be for you. If you like watching graphic sex acts, go for it. But “art” it is not.