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Godzilla (1/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 2 hours

OK for children.

Call me crazy, but I was looking forward to this, anticipating something special. Unfortunately, that was crazy.

While it boasts a cast that has some talent, people like Sally Hawkins, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe, and David Strathairn, among others, one wonders why?

The first 45 minutes is an actual movie with dialogue and what appears to be the semblance of a plot. There is even a little acting required. In the last 45 minutes, however, the technicians take over and not a word is spoken, at least I didn’t hear one. The final ¾ of an hour is nothing but a special effects extravaganza of three monsters, one of whom is Godzilla, fighting to the death while destroying Las Vegas and San Francisco. This part of the film almost broke my record for looking at my watch, willing it to end.

Even if new director Gareth Edwards had ever heard of the word “edit,” and had the perspicacity to cut an hour from the film, the remaining 60 minutes would still have been too long.

Even worse was the music. Maybe had the music tried to contribute to the tension, the film might have been improved, but I doubt it. This is a film that was made solely to exploit special effects. But even the special effects are uninspiring. Godzilla himself at times looks to be made of iron instead of the giant lizard/dinosaur he’s supposed to be. Who knows what the flying monsters he fights are supposed to be? More to the point, who cares?

May 13, 2014