Out of print for more than 30 years, now available for the first time as an eBook, this is the controversial story of John Wooden's first 25 years and first 8 NCAA Championships as UCLA Head Basketball Coach. This is the only book that gives a true picture of the character of John Wooden and the influence of his assistant, Jerry Norman, whose contributions Wooden  ignored and tried to bury.

Compiled with more than 40 hours of interviews with Coach Wooden, learn about the man behind the coach. The players tell their their stories in their own words.

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Aroused (5/10)

By Tony Medley

Runtime 73 minutes.

Not for children.

This documentary about women who have sex on camera in the porn industry is not as titillating as one would suspect, nor is it as revealing. Director Deborah Anderson interviews 16 of the most successful female porn stars as they are posing for a fine art photographic book. Although they all justify what they do, their justifications for the morality of what they do are mostly puerile rationalizations. I was disappointed that they didnít go into more detail about how they view the morality of what they do and how their profession of having sex on a daily basis with other actors affects their personal love relationships. Even more disappointing the film doesnít show any of the behavior they engage in on camera. That would contrast their actions with their rationalizations. Since there are no sexual acts actually shown (although there is some nudity), the stark contrast between what they say and what they do is missing. To just say that they engage in sex, and then showing them talking about the morality of it isnít the same as watching the actual acts in which they engage before listening to their justifications. Since it doesnít do this, it lacks the impact it could have had.