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Fun Size (1/10)

by Tony Medley

Run time 96 minutes.

Not for children.

The good news about this film aimed at an age level of about 4-14 is that it's only 96 minutes long. The bad news is that it is 96 minutes long.

This is a redux of Project X, another teen movie that exemplified rampant stupidity. Here the brainless plot has Victoria Justice, an unambiguously beautiful girl, that we are supposed to believe is an unpopular jerk. Yeah, sure. Oh, Justice is a Nickelodeon star and the movie is produced by…Nickelodeon! She is stuck with an annoying 8-year old little brother (Jackson Nicoll), one of the more unattractive little children one will ever see in the movies, who gets lost and becomes the movie's McGuffin. It's a dumb plot worthy of an idiotic movie. The folks at Nickelodeon must have realized that nobody would watch this on TV, so they stuck it in theaters with the hope that somebody might spend money to see it.

As with most of these silly teen movies this revolves around a party everyone wants to attend. These parties are attended by what seems to be the entire world, and they are little but total anarchy.

The film is replete with defecation jokes and fat jokes and other kinds of humor director Josh Schwartz apparently thinks is funny. My view is that even a four year old will find this film even more vacuous than Project X.

There is nothing fun about this movie. It's 96 minutes of sheer agony.