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Drive Angry (1/10)

by Tony Medley

Run time 104 minutes

Not for children.

If there’s a movie more devoid of raison d’ętre than this, I haven’t seen it, although a lot of them have come close recently. Hands down, this I worse than anything involving Will Ferrell, and that takes some doing. If Nicolas Cage wants to be taken seriously as an actor, playing in garbage like this is not the way to achieve the goal.

This is nothing more than graphic violence for violence’s sake. Cage is allegedly out to save his granddaughter’s life. A baby, she’s been kidnapped by some real bad people, who slit Cage’s daughter’s throat for good measure when doing the kidnapping. Naturally the blood spurting is shown in graphic detail.

The entire movie consists of Cage and Amber Heard driving cars chasing down the bad guys. Occasionally they meet and get in brutal fights where the blood flows like water.

This revolting film should never see the light of day in any neighborhood theater. About the only reason the MPAA gives a film an NC-17 rating is if it contains graphic sex, but graphic violence can be far more harmful, and this movie is replete with it. But it still comes away with an R, which means that all this graphic mayhem is as equivalently harmful to a viewer’s psyche as the sight of a woman’s nipple, which, apparently in the judgment of the MPAA censors, can lead to the downfall of society as we know it.

While movies by Ferrell and Judd Apatow are offensive in their vacuity, profanity, and poor taste, they aren’t truly obscene, just stupid. This, on the other hand, which borders on devil worship, is patently obscene.