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You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (0/10)

by Tony Medley

Watching a movie like this (or any movie with the name Judd Apatow associated with it) can turn your mind to porridge. Written by Adam Sandler (who also stars), Robert Smigel, and Apatow, and directed by Dennis Dugan (responsible for “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” one of the worst films of 2007 and in the running to make the all time terrible list), this is a film without a premise or raison d’ętre.

Apatow is responsible for stuff like “Drillbit Taylor,” a film that drove talented Owen Wilson to try to commit suicide, “Anchorman,” the Will Ferrell debacle, and “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” among many others. Apatow is truly the man who is doing his best to kill comedy, because there wasn’t even a smirk created by any of these low-intellect efforts.

This film is such a waste of time that it doesn’t deserve a review. It is an insult to its audience. It is a telling commentary on the taste and intelligence of Sandler and Apatow and everyone else involved in it that they would foist such an appallingly idiotic film on an unsuspecting, trusting, public. It’s hard to believe that someone who could help produce “The Larry Sanders Show,” which shows TV sitcom at its zenith, could have fallen so low as to produce trash like this.

 Zohan (Sandler) is a idiotically-powered superhero Israeli commando who wants to become a hair dresser so he fakes his own death and stows away on a plane to New York, sharing a crate with a couple of dogs. Once in New York he becomes a popular hairdresser by humping the ladies whose hair he dresses because his is so enormously endowed that he walks around with a huge padded crotch.

This film is no exception. All the octogenarian ladies he services are shown as being thrilled. The talk is coarse; the moral tone somewhere below the gutter.

Just to show how meaningless an MPAA rating is, it has received a rating of PG-13. Even though there isn’t much nudity (Sandler is shown naked from the rear), if any film deserves a restrictive R-rating, it is this. I take that back. This film should be NC-17, not only for its lack of taste, but also due to a total lack of intelligence.

June 8, 2008