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Foolís Gold (3/10)

by Tony Medley

Maybe the most telling commentary on this film is that even though the two leading actresses, Kate Hudson and Alexis Dziena, spend much of their time in bikinis, the largest breasts in the film belong to Matthew McConaughey. If youíre making a film populated by bikini-clad women, said women should have a reason to wear a bikini top.

It is obviously getting more and more difficult for Hollywood to tell an original story. This one has been told more times than I care to count. Every character has appeared time and again each decade. There are the two gay men who are lovable; a couple (Hudson and MCConnaughey) clearly in love with one another who are divorcing and constantly spatting; a father (Donald Sutherland) and daughter (Dziena) who misunderstand each other; a black rapper (Kevin Hart) who is a bad guy; two other black stepnfetchit bad guys who are more comedic than bad; a treasure that only the good guy can find but which the bad guy discovers because heís following the good guy.

Thatís enough of the plot that has been beaten to death. If you want to see the entire story, see the trailer. The only fools in this movie are the audience who paid to get in.

Whatís really dismaying is that McConaughey seems to be wasting what should be a fertile career. Hereís a guy who is good looking, appears athletic, and isnít a bad actor. Yet he continues to sign up for bad films with terrible scripts like this. His list of less-than-mediocre films is as long as my arm. These roles he continuously plays allow him to just mail in a performance and still cash a big check. If he wants to take any pride in what he does, he needs an integrity transplant. Ask yourself, Matthew, would Russell Crowe appear in something like this more than once?

As to Hudson, sheís pretty smart in that she realizes that about all she has to offer is a dazzling smile. (For that matter, McConaughey has one of the best smiles in the business, too. And he uses it with impunity. With the two of them onscreen, I wished I had my sunglasses there was such an abundance of glaring whitened teeth flashing at me in the sunshine of the Caribbean).

Hudson has blazed a career playing the same character over and over and over again, based solely on this smile. Still, she continues to get roles. As long as she can smile, I guess her career is secure, unless the audience begins to demand a little more from her. Come to think of it, I saw this on opening night and the crowd was meager. Maybe theyíve already wised up and realized that a smile isnít worth ten bucks for two hours.

February 9, 2008