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by Tony Medley

 The following is courtesy of my friend, the brilliant Trudy Graham, with a very few editorial changes/additions by moi:

 The metric system, which originated in France, became mandatory in 1795, was temporarily suspended by Napoleon in 1812, then reinstated by force in 1840. As pointed out by most advocates, it is a system that is useful due to the ease of calculating in a Base Ten/ decimal perspective and in a laboratory. That said, it is a system that relates to absolutely nothing in nature or in man.  The number Six, Base Twelve, - and its inch, foot, and yard - does.  

 Here are a few reasons the numbers 6 and 12 are integral to our space and time.

 SIX is the perfect number in that it is both the sum and the product of its factors - excluding itself: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6  and  1 x 2 x 3 = 6

 SIX in Greek is the word signifying Cosmic Order

     12         12

 (6+6) x (6+6) x 6000 = 864,000 = Diameter of the Sun  (miles)     

   6  x  6  x  60           =    2,160  = Diameter of the Moon 

 (6+6) x  660             =    7,920  = Diameter of the Earth

                                         7,920"  =  1 furlong   (or 660')

                                         7,920'   =   1/2 league  or 1.1/2  nautical miles

                                                    (1 nautical mile = 1 minute of latitude)    

                       (and yes - Jules Verne's 20,000 leagues is the equivalent of 60,000  miles) 

   6 x 60 x 660           = 237,600  = Distance between Earth & Moon

                            66,600 mph   =  Earth's speed around the Sun

                              60 minutes   = 1 hour

                              60 seconds   = 1 minute

                                  864,000   =  seconds in a day  

                                      864,000     =   a Hindu Yuga division

                                    8,640,000,000     =   1 Day and 1 Night of Brahma

                                          864     =   the number of New Jerusalem in

                                                                                      derivative Christian sacred geometry

                                                    etc. etc. etc.             with the 12 hides / 1,440 acres ... etc

 And here's an interesting bit on comparative numbers:

31,680 feet       = 6 miles

31,680 furlongs = Earth's radius

31,680 miles     = Earth's square 

316.80 feet = circumference of the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge

 The pertinent number of Sumeria - 12,960,000 -  has a square root of 3600  whose square root is 60 (the yin yang sum of equal and opposite degrees in 12 circle segments ...)... and includes the 500 Great Years of 25,920 solar years each,  composed of 12 Platonic months of 2160 yrs each ( Chinese lunar calendar is based on 60 year cycles, 5 elements, 12 types)  ... and so much more.   (And all of the compound  numbers  cited in this bit reduce to 18 to 9 ... considered the trinity of trinities.) 

 The inter-relatedness of all things to all things is key - and it is numbers ... the harmonics of the spheres ... that knit elements together, communicated allegorically in religious texts (though the allegory is often what is retained and the message lost with the various sects and "-isms" posturing/ fighting over words and doctrines and power  -  and missing meaning).

 We seem to discover and rediscover, sometimes with, but often without, understanding of that which already exists.  But then - "the eye sees what the eye brings means of seeing" ...  you can only start to understand what you have begun to know.  

 Following Sumeria, the oldest calendar is from Egypt - starting in 4236 BC (because of  Ra's influence, who came to be called  the "sun god", Egypt went solar) (now year 6243);   followed by the Jewish calendar (lunar) which began in Nipur in September of 3761 BC (now year 5768); the complex Mayan calendar (solar and lunar) starting in either 3372 or 3114 BC (and ending  12/22/ 2012 - supposedly the  conclusion of the 5 cycles of man);  the new Chinese calendar (lunar)- retained from 2637 BC (now year 4705); and the Julian calendar (solar) in which it is now year 2007.

 Hopefully some of this will give you pause for thought --- beyond the established orthodoxies --- which Einstein referred to as but "a collection of prejudices fed to us with a porridge spoon before our 18th year".

Thanks Trudy!

 March 9, 2007