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Sports Medley: Random Thoughts on NFL Playoffs and NBA Basketball 25 Jan 16

by Tony Medley

NFL Playoffs: Denver had the worst offense ever to appear in an NFL championship game.

Denver changed its defense and didnít let Patriot receivers get open for short passes.

New Englandís offensive line was so inept it couldnít protect a high school quarterback, much less Tom Brady.

Denver is lucky it plays in the hapless AFC.

Five NFC teams, Carolina, Seattle, Arizona, Green Bay, and Minnesota, are better than the best AFC team.

Carson Palmer is the most overrated quarterback Iíve seen since the Ramsí Roman Gabriel, circa 1966-73.

Carolina and Seattle are miles above any other NFL team.

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football.

Itís time for Peyton Manning to hang Ďem up.

Bill Belichick was outcoached. Even though Denver often rushed only three men, his depleted five man offensive line wasnít even up to that task. He should have reduced his five receivers to four, and substituted someone to help block for Tom Brady. A good coach makes adjustments at halftime. Belichick did nothing.

Thereís probably a good reason why Belichick mutters his way through interviews, saying nothing. Sometimes when you donít say anything people think youíre smarter than you really are.

Belichick hurt his team by not getting a deep threat receiver after he got rid of Randy Moss in 2010.

Belichick is considered a great coach because of Tom Brady. When Brady retires, Belichick would be wise to follow him.

Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end who ever played the game.

SPAGE (Society For the Prevention of Attorneys Getting Everything): Florida State University reached a settlement with the student who claimed she was raped by FSU quarterback Jameis Winston. She gets $250,000. Her attorneys get $700,000. This explains why everybody understands that the difference between a car that ran over a snake and a car that ran over an attorney is that there are skid marks by the car that ran over the snake.

When in doubt, fire the coach: Why all the hullaballoo about the Cleveland Cavaliers firing coach David Blatt when he was leading the league and made the finals last year? Blatt was publicly disrespected by arrogant star LeBron James on national TV during last yearís NBA finals and General Manager David Griffin surmised that he had lost the respect of his team, claiming he didnít talk with anyone, including The Great LeBron, and saying, ďIím in the locker room every day.Ē Letís get real here.  James can become a free agent at the end of the season, and he clearly has a low opinion of Blatt. Whoís more important, Superstar James or Coach Blatt? Letís see, James or Blatt? Duh!

Add Cavaliers: In last yearís finals, the Cavaliers won two of the first three games by slowing the game down and controlling the tempo. Then they changed and tried to run with the Warriors and got blown out, losing the last three. Nobody has ever explained why they changed their plan, which was working. Was it Blatt or James? Those who picked Blatt, go stand in the corner.

Add Cavaliers: Has a talented player ever been used more improperly than Cavalier Forward Kevin Love? Heís a post man, a terrific rebounder and outlet passer, not a forward. He is completely lost playing outside with James and the Cavaliers. But I guess his 5 year, $110 million contract adequately compensates for a lost career of greatness.

Last Add Cavaliers: How fast has the game passed James by! Just last year he was the face of the game. Now Golden State and Steph Curry have grabbed the three point shot and completely changed the game. James can no longer dribble around and hog the ball ŗ la Oscar Robertson, and then either drive, shoot, or pass and win the championship. The Warrior way to play basketball is to have quickness and shooting and to keep passing until finding the open man.

Disappearing Man: So Blake Griffin will disappear from the Clippers for the next several weeks while his broken hand (apparently injured when he slugged a locker room attendant) heals. That will be familiar to Clippers fans because Griffin has made a habit of disappearing in the fourth quarter of every close game.

Public Relations advice needed: Steph Curry is, without question, the best player in the NBA. But whenever play stops his mouth guard immediately is spit out and he walks around with it hanging from his lips. Itís disgusting. Someone needs to tell him to stop doing it and either keep it in his mouth or hold it in his hand.