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June 2016 California Ballot Recommendations

by Tony Medley

I hardly ever vote for judges unless I know them. However, this year I asked someone who has been in the arena for decades and whose opinion I respect, so here are his recommendations on this year’s ballot:

  1. Office No. 11: Steven Schreiner;
  2. Office No. 42: E. Matthew Aceves (although Cyndy Zuzga would also be a good choice);
  3. Office No. 60: James a Kaddo (although he says that Stepan W. Baghdassarian is really a wine importer rather than an “Attorney at Law” and I think that’s a much better qualification for being a judge than a law degree);
  4. Office No. 84: Susan Jung Townsend;
  5. Office No. 120: Ray Santana;
  6. Office No. 158: David A. Berger;
  7. Office No. 165: Kathryn Ann Solorzano
  8. Proposition 50: No. This measure makes it much more difficult for the legislature to discipline one of its members, raising the requirement to a 2/3 vote from what is now a majority vote. My friend hadn’t familiarized himself with this, but I’m against this for two reasons:
    1. It’s a Constitutional Amendment and the Constitution should only be amended for major reasons;
    2. We should make it easier to discipline state legislators, not harder.