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Copy of letter sent to Bill O'Reilly about Jamie Lee Curtis blaming the fires on man

To: Bill O'Reilly


Jamie Lee Curtis blaming the fire on man broke me up. If she would read Richard Henry Dana's "Two Years Before the Mast," she would discover that when Dana's ship docked at Santa Barbara on January 14, 1835, he reported the following:

The town is finely situated, with a bay in front, and an amphitheatre of hills behind. The only
thing which diminishes its beauty is, that the hills have no large
trees upon them, they having been all burnt by a great fire which
swept them off about a dozen years ago, and they had not yet grown
again. The fire was described to me by an inhabitant, as having
been a very terrible and magnificent sight. The air of the whole
valley was so heated that the people were obliged to leave the
town and take up their quarters for several days upon the beach.
Was that man's fault?

Tony Medley