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Wilson (0/10)

Runtime 94 minutes.

Not for children.

Warning! This is a movie for nobody. It is violent, profane, and without any redeeming social or entertainment value. I liked Woody Harrelson when he appeared on “Cheers.”  But nobody could make this movie entertaining.

Based on a “graphic novel,” (which is another name for what were “comic books” when I was growing up), and directed by Craig Johnson, it is worse and more boring than it would be for an adult to read a comic book today. What’s really unfortunate is that it’s got a good cast, including Cheryl Hines who played Larry David’s wife in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who many will recognize from the hit TV series “24.”

Alas, their efforts are wasted in what is an absurd story of seriously sociopathic people, Norman (Harrelson) and his former wife, Pippi (Laura Dern) from whom he has been divorced for 17 years. She enters his life and reveals he has a daughter, Claire (Isabella Amara), he never knew about.

Just about everyone in the film is mentally unstable, except for Pippi’s sister, Polly (Hines). She’s normal and gets brutally beaten by Pippi for her efforts.

There is nobody likeable in this film (except Polly, but she has a very small role).

Norman is basically imbecilic with no people talent whatsoever. It’s never explained how he makes a living or survives. He’s just a character around which Johnson and writer Daniel Cloves have built an uninvolving story about unlikeable characters and absurdly contrived events.

As far as I can see there is no reason to go to see this, just as there was no reason to make it or release it. I would love to have heard how they pitched this to people who had to put up the money to make it.