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The Jungle Book (10/10 for children 5/10 adults)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 106 minutes.

OK for children.

I canít imagine an adult with an average IQ being able to sit still through this for almost two hours. While the special effects are spectacular, in the end itís a movie where animals speak perfect English to one another, and the only human being is a young prepubescent boy.

As I said, the creation of the jungle is spectacular and interesting for a short period of time. I was imagining the green screen and CGI and all that, which produce these marvelous images. But just seeing beautiful phony scenery and realizing all the work and effort that went into creating it (the budget was around $175,000,000!) isnít enough to hold interest, at least it wasnít enough to hold my interest. Can I really buy the idea that a young boy has been raised by wild animals who reason and converse with him in better English than what is used by most sportscasters, that a tiger is out to kill him, and all the other animals want to protect him?

Donald Duck and Pepe Le Peu cartoons were around 7 minutes in length. I really donít want to see any cartoon (and thatís all this is) that lasts much longer than that.

Children will probably love it. As for me, it failed the watch test dismally.