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The Huntsman: Winter’s War (7/10)

by Tony Medley


OK for children.

Although I’m fantasied out, for what this is, it’s entertaining. Who knew there was a sequel to the story of Snow White (told in Hollywood style in 2012 in “Snow White and The Huntsman”)? Like most fantasies this is, well, fantastic, so forget that there’s anything here that is even close to being credible or realistic. But it’s sometimes humorous, has beautiful women (Charlize Thereon and Emily Blunt), a good-looking guy (Chris Hemsworth), and some nice special effects, especially of enchanted forests.

Thereon returns as the hateful Queen, Ravenna. But now she’s got a sister, Freya (Blunt) who has an unhappy experience with love and becomes an equally hateful Queen of her own in a frozen northern land.

The McGuffin is the “mirror, mirror on the wall,” because Snow White, who has replaced Ravena as Queen is in jeopardy and the mirror has been stolen. The Huntsman (Hemsworth) is charged with getting it back before it falls into the hands of Queen Freya.

It’s all a bunch of nonsense, but the production values are high and the forests are, indeed enchanted, the special effects aren’t overwhelming, but are good, and the story is told with a wink in the eye and a lot of light-hearted touches, so there’s nothing to get too upset about.