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Pixels (2/10)

by Tony Medley


OK for children.

Despite what I say above, this is too adult for children and too childish for adults. What would you expect of a film that casts Kevin James as President of the United States and Adam Sandler, a tech installer, as his best friend? Worse, itís yet another film in which a gorgeous woman, Michelle Monaghan (a Lt. Colonel, no less), finds Sandler attractive. Only in Hollywood.

The story, that some highly advanced civilization receives some sort of waves from earth that show Pac-Man games and think that the way to conquer earth is to send things that look like Pac-Man down to gobble up everything in sight. Letís see, these creatures are so much smarter than we are that they have conquered space and time, but, even though they can get to earth, they donít make the effort to see if their supposition is correct; they just come at us. Yeah, sure.

Even though we see the CGI Pac-Men gobbling things up, itís never explained how it works because the CGI is so bad itís obviously a cartoon out there in the streets of New York. The way Sandler & Co. combat them is equally inexplicable and daft.

There have been lots of ridiculous ideas for films foisted on the paying public, but this takes the cake.

Iím not going to waste any more of my time writing about this absurdity. If you are foolish enough to pay money to see this, you have been warned.