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Deli Man (8/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 85 minutes

OK for children.

In the 1930s there were 5000 Jewish delicatessen restaurants in the United States. Today, according to this film, there are only approximately 150 left. In New York alone the city’s Department of public markets listed 1550 kosher delicatessen stores and 150 kosher dairy restaurants.

This excellent documentary tells the story of 160 years of tradition of the Jewish delicatessen. It does so by profiling the story of Ziggy Gruber, a third generation delicatessen man, a Yiddish speaking French trained chef, who operates Kinney and Ziggy’s in Houston, Texas.

Ziggy tells his own story in his own words. But along the way we are introduced to other delis around the world like Nate and Al’s and Cantor’s in Los Angeles. Also interviewed are prominent connoisseurs of Deli, like Jerry Stiller, Alan Dershowitz, and Larry King.