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 The Purge: Anarchy (8/10)

by Tony Medley

runtime 103 minutes

Not for children.

This sequel to last yearís surprise low-budget hit (it returned 11 times its cost of production) is an extremely well made film, highlighted by top-notch directing with wonderful pace by James DeMonaco (who also wrote the script) and exceptional music by Nathan Whitehead.

Unlike the first, which was set in a suburban home whose family is being attacked, this one is set on the urban streets by people stranded after the Purge starts and find themselves in a no-manís land of people out to kill anybody they find.

They are fortunate to run into Frank Grillo, who is out on a mission of his own and reluctantly tries to shepherd them to safety.

This is an action-packed thriller that can keep you on the edge of your seat until the end with surprises popping up throughout. The cast of virtual unknowns comes through with remarkably effective performances.