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Pioneer (7/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 100 minutes.

OK for children.

This is a thriller set in the midst of what happened in the early ‘80’s when Norway discovered huge oil and gas reserves. Not knowing how to make the best of them, they decided to build a pipeline on the ocean floor at a depth of 500 meters.

The protagonist is Petter (Aksel Hennie), a deep sea diver along with his brother. When his brother dies on the first dive, Petter is angry and suspicious that it was not an accident and goes snooping around to find the true cause of his death.

Director Erik Skjolbjærg knows how to create a claustrophobic setting and he gets first class performances from his cast. The movie starts out with a test of the divers in a cylinder that increases the pressure on them up to the 500 meters at which they will be diving. The physical discomfort shown by the crew is palpable.

But that’s a small part of the movie. The main story is about Petter trying to uncover what really happened when he and his brother were sent into the depths. While the story turns out to be contrived with several plot holes, the film is done well enough that it holds interest until just before the ending. In Norwegian and English.