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Thanks For Sharing (9/10)

by Tony Medley

Running Time 112 minutes.

Not for children.

First time director/writer (with Matt Winston) Stuart Blumberg makes an auspicious debut with this deep analytical film based upon addiction in general and sexual addiction in particular. He takes an A-list cast consisting of Gwenyth Paltrow, Timothy Robbins, and Mark Ruffalo and creates a spellbinding drama about people with serious problems in their lives that necessarily affect their relationships.

Paltrow never ceases to impress me with the depth and range of her performances. While her role as Ruffalo’s girlfriend is a romantic one, he is a guy with big problems and the way those problems affect her is reflected by her facial expressions. This is acting at its best.

But the good acting is not limited to the big names. Josh Gad gives a spectacular performance as a sloppy fat guy who is overwhelmed by his sexual urges. He is paired with Dede (pop star Alecia Moore in her first film role) and they make an unlikely couple.

One of the interesting aspects of this is how does one form a relationship with a person who is a sexual addict? This is the problem that faces Paltrow. Emily Meade appears as Becky, who enters the film in its latter stages and  gives one of the most affecting, frightening performances in the film.

Finally, giving even more depth to the film is Patrick Fugit, who plays Robbins’ son, Danny. Their relationship is troubled like all the other relationships in the film.

All in all this is a realistic film of words and emotions, the type in this day and age of special effects and idiotic cartoon characters, one generally only finds in art houses specializing in foreign films.

August 26, 2013