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Erased (10/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 104 minutes.

OK for children.

Liam Neeson, meet Aaron Eckhart. Neeson has become known for his thrilling “Taken” films, which involve him looking for/being chased by bad guys. In this film Eckhart plays ex-CIA agent Ben Logan whose company and employees disappear overnight  who suddenly finds himself in Neeson’s shoes.

What follows is a high paced – high tension 104 minutes while Ben and his daughter, Amy (Liana Liberato) are targeted for assassination while they try to find out what happened.

A film like this needs two things to succeed. The first is a director who understands pace and doesn’t throw in slow scenes like people thinking or love scenes. This is a straightforward action movie that never lets up and Philipp Stölzl does a brilliant job with a first rate script by Aresh Amel. He is aided by Oscar®-quality music by Jeff Danna. In a film like this the music drives the tension. Kolja Brandt’s cinematography of the Belgium locations enhance the enjoyment of the film.

But over and above all of this, the acting by Eckhart, Liberato, Olga Kurylenko,  seen in the Bond film, Quantum of Solace, and the rest of the cast is of the highest quality. Eckhart gives a terrific performance as a tough guy in a tough spot all while worried about his daughter. Liberato, for her part, looks like a star in the making. She’s attractive and can act up a storm. In fact the tension between her and Eckhart is so important to the film that if she was not up to the task, the film would not be nearly as effective as it is.

March 14, 2013