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Men in Black III (7/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 106 minutes.

OK for children.

I had no desire to see this. The first two were ridiculous and less than involving. This started out he same way. But then, after about a half hour, it segued into a time travel film with Will Smith going back to 1969 to find a young Tommy Lee Jones in the body of Josh Brolin and try to save his life, becoming a film with real people looking to find the bad guy and reverse history.

While Brolin gives a fine, deadpan imitation of the deadpan Tommie Lee Jones, the best performances in the film are by the bad guy, Boris the Animal, played by Jemaine Clement and the seer, Griffin, played beautifully by Michael Stuhlbarg. When they are onscreen, the film sparkles.

This has the same director, Barry Sonenfield, as the first two, but it's not nearly as silly as the first two. The time-warp angle makes it an intriguing story and the concentration on one bad buy without all the liquidations (literally) of hundreds of aliens makes it much easier and interesting to watch.

It's a surprise to me, but this is not a complete waste of time like the other two were.