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21 Jump Street (8/10)

by Tony Medley

Runtime 109 minutes

Not for children.

Ice Cube, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill, in that order, make this teen comedy truly funny. Tatum and Hill are two mismatched former high school classmates who become policemen and are assigned to go under cover at a high school to catch drug runners.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller direct a good script (Michael Bacall from a story by Bacall and Jonah Hill and based on the TV series by Patrick Harburgh and Steve Cannell). This could have been excruciatingly bad, but the pace is well maintained and Tatum's acting as a dunce stays on the right side of a fine line between comedy and stupidity.

The funniest parts of the movie are when Ice Cube appears as the profane, angry boss of Hill and Tatum.

The film is filled with F-bombs and scatological jokes that some might find offensive, but it is a high school movie and the off color jokes and language are generally humorous, unlike most of the genre. Adding charm to the film is Brie Larson as the high school girl who captures Hill's heart. But other supporting performances also stand out, particularly Rob Riggle (a former combat-hardened marine in real life before he became an actor), who plays a coach at the high school, and Chris Parnell who plays a goofy acting teacher.

This is a fine screwball comedy in the old tradition that had me laughing out loud.