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The Adjustment Bureau (10/10)

by Tony Medley

Run Time 99 minutes.

OK for children.

Written, produced, and directed by George Nolfi, this preternatural romantic thriller is more romantic than thrilling, but is a splendid rendition of a science fiction short story by Phillip K. Dick. It contains fine performances by the always wonderful Emily Blunt and even by uni-dimensional Matt Damon, who ups his range a skosh, although the politically active Damon and all the Democrat mainstay politicians he included in his film (like James Carville and Terry McAuliffe) must have missed the critical metaphor for todayís politics.

Damon plays a politician who meets Blunt and falls for her. However, a shadowy group of guys in Homburgs seems to be orchestrating all facets of life on earth and while their first meeting was scheduled by them, Damon and Blunt werenít meant to meet again. When they do, due to Damonís perseverance, the guys in the Homburgs try to thwart their romance. So the question is, can love conquer all, even metaphysical intervention?

Nolfi displays a deft touch in keeping the pace up, adding a few fine special effects, but not too many that mar the film.