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Dirty (0/10)

by Tony Medley

When my F段ng guest and I left this F段ng screening, we both said almost the same F段ng thing almost F段ng simultaneously, 的 F段ng feel like I need a F段ng shower. This profane, violent MFing movie is so F段ng bad that the only F段ng emotion it elicited in me was F段ng boredom. The 吐 and 杜f words are used approximately every other second. Not only is the F段ng movie a F段ng attack on the F段ng LAPD and all the MFers in it, it is terminally F段ng racist, showing all African-American MFers and Hispanic MFers as nothing more than F段ng foul-mouthed, F段ng drug dealing thug MFers.

It is so F段ng disjointed and amateurishly F段ngly written that it could F段ng pass as F段ng farce, and may at some F段ng time in the dim, distant F段ng future. I can稚 F段ng imagine, however, any MFer spending the F段ng money to preserve it that F段ng long.

This F段ng movie is a rough MFer. And it痴 F段ng sloppy, too. It starts out with MFing policeman Amando Sancho, played by MFer Clifton F段ng Collins Jr. looking at himself in the F段ng mirror. We can F段ng read what his F段ng tattoo says in the F段ng mirror. If the F段ng tattoo were properly F段ng applied, we wouldn稚 be able to F段ng read the MFer. So the F段ng tattoo he is F段ng wearing in that F段ng scene would be F段ng unreadable to any MFer who looked at him head F段ng on because it would be F段ng backwards.

Sancho and his F段ng partner, Salim F段ng Day, played by the MFer Cuba F段ng Gooding Jr., who won a F段ng Oscar for saying 敵ive Me The F段ng Money! to that MFer Tom Cruise, are bad MF段ng cops who are out to make a F段ng score. They work for bad MFers in the MF段ng LAPD. All the MFers in this movie are bad F段ng dudes, which Chris F段ng Fisher, the MF段ng dude who F段ng directed it, says was F段ng inspired by the F段ng Rampart scandal in the F段ng LAPD.

Unfortunately it is so biased that it doesn稚 inspire the outrage that Fisher obviously  intended. While there may be bad cops still in the LAPD, the corruption shown here permeating the entire department went out of  style around 1938 when, in a recall, the reform-minded Fletcher Bowron defeated the corrupt Mayor Frank Shaw, whose brother, Joe, had almost unchecked power over the police department.  Bowron, forced the retirement of 45 high-ranking LAPD officers and appointed Arthur Hohmann in 1939 as the chief and the reformation of the most corrupt police department in the country was on its way.

There is no doubt that what happened at Rampart was bad, but it was due to a few rogue cops. A movie about that could contribute to a better police force. But the film  Fisher directed is so over the top, so profane, so outlandish, that it pictures the entire LAPD as something akin to the Nazi S.A. run by Ernst Roehm (whom Adolph Hitler killed in a purge in 1934).

But, in fact, lots of the stuff you heard about Rampart wasn稚 true. Only recently, three who had been unjustly accused were awarded $15 million for the false allegations against them.

Aptly F段ng titled, this is a dirty F段ng movie, one that F段ng stains every Mfer involved, including any F段ng audience that stays to F段ng watch the whole F段ng thing, which I had to F段ng do.

February 6, 2006