Nicotina (7/10)

Copyright © 2004 by Tony Medley

Lolo (Diego Luna), is a computer nerd pervert, spying on his beautiful neighbor. But he’s also responsible for a computer disk essential to a caper put together by two other guys. After they pick him up to perform the caper, everything goes wrong and one disaster leads to another. Although the first half hour is pretty much all Luna, it’s basically an ensemble cast. From the first miscue, each subsequent mistake seems to be worse than what came before, building up to the climax.

In Nicotina, the script  (Martín Salina) and Director (Hugo Rodríguez ) are what are important. The ensemble cast is exceptional. The result is a movie that’s better than the sum of its parts. Just about everything goes wrong, and the audience is constantly surprised by what comes next. A dark comedy, even though several people die it’s a lighthearted, albeit bloody, sometimes humorous 90 minutes. In Spanish with subtitles.

August 21, 2004

The End