Talk To Her (8)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


 Talk To Her starts with Alicia (Leonor Watling) in a coma in a clinic being cared for by male nurse Benigno (Javier Camaro).  Shortly thereafter we meet Marco (Dario Grandinetti) who, in turn, meets female bullfighter Lydia (Rosario Flores).  An incident brings them to Aliciaís clinic where Marco and Benigno become friends.  What follows is a delicate, sensitive story of love, friendship, and devotion told by Writer/Director Pedro Almodůvar.

 The story jumps back and forth from the present to flashbacks to tell each personís history.  To tell more would be to reveal too much. There are no mind-boggling special effects, although there is one funny episode that takes imaginative liberties with the female body.  And there is a lot of female nudity, although itís not particularly erotic since the woman, gorgeous though she is, is in a coma.  

I found it slow to get into.  But I hung in there and am glad I did because eventually it grabbed me and I ended up enjoying it.  In Spanish with subtitles.

 January 10, 2003

 The End