Malibuís Most Wanted (1)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


B-Rad Gluckman (Jaime Kennedy) is a rich, white rapper wannabe, son of California gubernatorial candidate Bill Gluckman (Ryan OíNeal). Billís campaign manager, Tom Gibbons (Blair Underwood) hires two well-spoken black actors (ďtrained at Juilliard and The Pasadena PlayhouseĒ) to impersonate gang-bangers, kidnap B-Rad, take him to the hood, and scare him back into whiteness.

 I always thought Ryan OíNeal was an underrated comedic actor.  But with Malibuís Most Wanted his career has surely hit rock bottom.  This film is infuriating itís so bad.  There is one scene, for example, where B-Rad stands on top of a car as rival gang members fire at him with automatic rifles from about 20 feet away.  Nobody gets hit!

 B-Radís constant rapping throughout is enough to drive one out of the theater. Trivializing kidnapping and gang violence, both major societal problems, this is unfunny, mindless, infantile idiocy.

 April 25, 2003

The End