Lucia, Lucia (1)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


This is a pseudo art film that thinks itís oh, so clever, but, in reality, is oh, so pretentious, sort of what a prepubescent director might produce in an attempt to recreate Last Year at Marienbad for a kindergarten film class.  Luciaís husband disappears and is apparently kidnapped.  Two men, one old and one young, appear at her door to help her.  Her story is either true or lies.  Her husband has either been kidnapped or he hasnít.  The story is boring, disjointed, boring, incoherent, boring, and nonsensical.  Oh, did I mention that itís boring?  Lucia (Ceclia Roth) is beautiful (and topless in one scene), but, try as she may, she canít cry tears.  I wasted enough time sitting through this.  I donít want to waste any more writing about it.  If, after reading my review, you find yourself tempted to see this, take a cold shower and fight it off.  In Spanish, unfortunately with subtitles

 August 2, 2003

 The End