Freaky Friday (10)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


 There is a reason for everything.  If you withstand and accept the bad and relax, good will come.  Thatís what happened to me today.  I now understand why Iíve had to sit through all the truly awful movies Iíve seen this summer.  The Almighty was preparing me for Freaky Friday. 

 Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her high school daughter, Anna (Lindsay Lohan), donít get along and donít appreciate the otherís situation.  Anna doesnít get along with her younger brother, Harry (Ryan Malgarini).  Tess is engaged to marry Ryan (Mark Harmon) soon.  Anna, who is a guitarist in a garage rock bank, has a crush on Jake (Chad Michael Murray) and has problems at school.  Itís a mess.

 While fighting with each other in a Chinese restaurant, the hostess gives them each a fortune cookie with the same fortune in it.  Almost simultaneously everything shakes like an earthquake and when itís all over Tess and Anna have swapped bodies and the fun begins.  I laughed until, literally, tears came to my eyes.  Curtis and Lohan are spectacular.  Their expert acting makes this implausible movie work.  Both should be Oscar nominees, but, despite Sir Donald Wolfitís deathbed utterance, ďDying is easyÖcomedy is hard,Ē itíll never happen because comedy is rarely rewarded.  Regardless, make no mistake, you will rarely see better acting.

 The amazing thing about this movie for me is that it holds up all the way through.  Other films Iíve seen that had really funny parts, like The Producers with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder and Touch of Class with George Segal and Glenda Jackson, could make me roll in the aisles laughing for a period of time, but the humor didnít hold up after about the first 30 minutes or so. Freaky Friday had me laughing throughout.

 August 8, 2003

 The End