Daredevil (1)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


 This is the type of movie that Hollywood loves to make.  No story, an inane script, no acting, people fly, loud noises, absurd special effects, lots of gratuitous violence.

 Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) is a blind lawyer who is a superhero at night, apparently to right injustice, but we really donít see him doing that.  What he really wants to do is avenge the murder of his father by Kingpin, whom I wonít identify because his identity is apparently some sort of mystery in the movie. He falls in love with another superhero (how she got that way isnít explained, at least while I was awake), Electra (Jennifer Garner) and they fly through the air fighting each other until they come up against Bullseye (Colin Farrell), a supervillain assassin.  Murdock and Bullseye then fly through the air fighting each other.  This takes one hour and forty-three minutes (I counted every one of them while I was awake).

 How idiotic is this movie?  Well, Electra meets Murdock when heís dressed in his lawyer suit, wearing dark glasses apropos of being blind, so she canít see his eyes.  When she meets him as Daredevil, however, she doesnít recognize him because heís wearing a hood that covers, get this, nothing but his eyes!  When she pulls off the mask and sees his eyes (which were covered when she met him as a lawyer), she recognizes him!

 Affleck is terribly miscast; looking like Little Lord Fontleroy dressed up in his superhero suit.  Farrell, who continues to establish himself as an exceptionally gifted actor, does a good job as the bad guy.  To think that Affleck could take him would require, well, a Hollywood movie!

 Daredevil is a complete waste of time so Iím not going to waste any more time writing about it.

 February 14, 2003

 The End