The Santa Clause 2 (8/10)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


The Santa Clause 2 is a delightful, funny comedy that should appeal to young and old.  Santa Claus/Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) leads a group of elves making Christmas presents at the North Pole when heís told a loophole in his contract (clause 2) requires that he has to get married before Christmas or he will no longer be Santa Claus (hey, this is a fantasy!).  Santa returns to his home and son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd) to find a wife, after having himself cloned (he thinks) so there will be a Santa to run the show in his absence.

 Unfortunately, the clone turns into a dictator, while Santa falls in love with the principal of the school attended by his son, Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell).  Heís run out of magic so when one of his loyal elves shows up to tell him the disaster thatís occurring at the North Pole, he finds he has to discover another way to return.

 The dialogue is clever and can appeal to both children and adults.  Tim Allen is funny in the dual role of Santa and his clone.  But the person who stole the film for me was little Liliana Mumy, who plays the daughter of Scottís former wife, Charlieís half sister.  She is adorable and a wonderful actress.

 The Santa Clause 2 is a happy entertainment thatís uplifting and has you leaving the theater feeling better than you did when you entered. 

 The End