Analyze That (6/10)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


 I wasnít much looking forward to this.  I thought Analyze This was humorous, but not good enough for a sequel.  What a surprise!  Analyze That is funnier.  The story is fantasy, but part of the humor, so Iím not going to spoil it by setting it up (although the filmmakers do a good job of that with their trailer).  Itís based on a factual occurrence, actually.

 Maybe Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro arenít Hope and Crosby or Martin and Lewis yet, but they are very good together.  De Niro is funny, but Crystal has found his mark as the beleaguered psychiatrist whoís stuck with mob boss De Niro.  Itíll never happen, but I think he deserves an Oscar nomination for this.  I hope nominators will remember the following tale:

When Sir Donald Wolfit, a great English actor/manager, was lying on his death bed, a young actor said to him:
"Sir Donald, after a life so filled with success and fame, dying must be hard..."
To which Sir Donald replied:
"Dying is easy....Comedy is hard."

Thereís not much more that need be said about Analyze That.  If you want an enjoyable entertainment that will have you leaving the theater happy and smiling, this is one to see.

 December 13, 2002

 The End